EMD’s Rino Schreuder co-founded and runs the day-to-day operations of the EDU-DEX-standard for exchanging, combining and distributing training information.

EDU-DEX is an open data standard accepted by most training institutes, corporate and government customers and intermediate partners.

Every single day, EDU-DEX collects, validates and distributes training information from over 50.000 training programmes, from hundreds of training suppliers. Millions of people in the Netherlands use EDU-DEX data when searching for a training course or study using any search or booking platform.
The use and publication of EDU-DEX data is free of charge. Training suppliers cover the expenses of the EDU-DEX Foundation.

EDU-DEX Characteristics

  • strict independence
  • market wide accepted, open data standard
  • a minimum of mandatory fields, and many optional fields
  • specific decision information about start and other dates, locations
  • fee information; specified into mandatory and non-mandatory; cost types; various VAT-regulations
  • client specific discounts and incompany programmes
  • adherence to internationally accepted standards
  • accepted as the main supplier for government funded portals like ‘STAP-register’ and ‘’
  • automatic validation

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